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Preparation and Properties of TRIS (77-86-1) tetrafunctional Crosslinking Waterborne Polyurethane

The TOAM tetrafunctional crosslinked waterborne polyurethane was synthesized by using polypropylene glycol (PPG2000) as soft segment, toluene diisocyanate (TDI) as hard segment and TRIS (77-86-1) as crosslinking agent. The effects of water content, R (n-NCO / n-OH), DMPA content and TRIS (77-86-1)  content were studied. The effects of water resistance, solvent resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break were studied. Orthogonal experimental design optimization of the best experimental program. And their structures were characterized by FT-IR and XRD. The results showed that when the soft segment content was 47%, the R value was 1.2, the content of DMPA was 5.0% and the TRIS (77-86-1)  content was 1.3%, the waterborne polyurethane latex film was water resistant and solvent resistant to the selected level. The tensile strength and elongation at break of the waterborne polyurethane latex film were the same on the selected level when the content of soft segment was 61%, R value was 1.4, DMPA content was 5.0% and TRIS (77-86-1) content was 0.5% optimal combination of experiments.



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