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Properties and Structure of Soybean Protein Plastics Modified by Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(151-21-3)

SDS(151-21-3) - modified soybean protein plastic was prepared by using sodium dodecyl sulfate as the raw material, and the properties, structure and morphology of the plastic were studied. 

The results show that when the SDS mass fraction is 18.0%, the modified elongation and fracture energy of the modified plastic are the highest, and the glass transition temperature of the modified plastic is 43.6 ℃ lower than that of the non-SDS modified plastic. With the increase of SDS content, The temperature of the maximum mass loss rate of the thermogravimetric curve in the second stage is higher than that of the decomposition temperature of the SDS. The infrared spectrum indicates that the soybean in the modified plastic The amide I peak of the protein shifted to the high wave number. Scanning electron microscopy confirmed that SDS(151-21-3) modification could significantly improve the internal structure of soybean protein plastic and improve its toughness.



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