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Preparation of pharmaceutical grade sodium dodecyl sulfate(151-21-3) from industrial grade sodium dodecyl sulfate

The present invention relates to a process for obtaining a pharmaceutical grade sodium dodecyl sulfate(SDS, 151-21-3) from industrial grade dodecyl sulfate, comprising the steps of:
A) Dissolving the crude SDS in an ethanol-water solvent having an ethanol content of between 15 and 35% to prepare a solution;
B) Cooling the solution to 0-5℃;
C) Filtering said solution;
D) The resulting filtrate was concentrated to remove all the solvent. The invention can effectively remove the sodium sulfate and sodium chloride impurities contained in SDS(151-21-3) by the influence of the presence of ethanol on the solubility of SDS and sodium sulfate and sodium chloride, and reduces the content of electrolyte impurities compared with the prior art.



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