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Dynamic Surface Adsorption Properties of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate(151-21-3) Aqueous Solution

The dynamic surface adsorption properties of sodium dodecyl sulfate(151-21-3) solution at different NaCl concentrations were studied by MPTC type bubble pressure tensor. The formation of double layer structure of ionic surfactants in surface adsorption layer and micelles was analyzed. Effect of Surface Charge on Dynamic Surface Diffusion Process and Micelle Properties.

The results show that the presence of surface charge in the surface adsorption of sodium dodecyl sulfate(151-21-3) will produce an adsorption barrier (E_a) of 5.5 kJ · mol ~ (-1), which significantly reduces the effective diffusion of dodecyl sulfate ion (DS ~ -) (D_ (eff) / D) of the dodecyl sulfate ion is only 0.013, indicating that the ratio of sodium dodecyl sulfate(151-21-3)  to the nonionic surfactant(D) is greater than 0.013, and the ratio of the effective diffusion coefficient to the self-diffusion coefficient(D). The addition of NaCl can reduce the adsorption barrier. When adding less than 80mmol·L ~ (-1) NaCl, E_a is less than 0.3kJ · mol ~ (-1), D_ eff ) /D between 0.8 and 1.2 showed the same diffusion control adsorption mechanism as that of the nonionic surfactants, and the constant (k_2) characterization of the micellar cleavage velocity was obtained by analyzing the dynamic surface tension of the SDS micellar solution, it was found that with the increase of NaCl concentration, k_2 decreased, indicating that the presence of surface charge of SDS micelles increased the repulsive force between dodecyl sulfate and promoted the disintegration of micelles.



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